FileMaker Development

FileMaker Development & Software Consulting

I have been planning, designing, developing and deploying custom business applications since 2000 and can help you develop a custom FileMaker solution that suits your needs. I am a certified FileMaker developer with extensive experience helping clients from a wide variety of industries design solutions, streamline business processes, and increase productivity.

FileMaker is a custom database platform for Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone. For over 20 years and for millions of users, FileMaker has been helping people in business, education, and government seamlessly manage information across multiple locations and platforms.

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FileMaker 13 Certified

My Process

I believe that creating and nurturing strong client relationships is the foundation for a successful project. Great relationships start with open and honest communication and lead to collaborative environments for solving the problems that threaten the health and stability of projects.

I use an iterative and creative approach to managing development projects that helps to foster and support strong relationships. The framework includes the following components:

  • Feature Planning – collaboratively create a list of what you would like to do with the system or what you will expect the system to do automatically
  • Release Planning – define the project timeline and establish all project logistics such as meeting schedules, communication channels, and expectations
  • Development Cycles – plan, create, test, and review a subset of features and provide budget and status updates every two weeks
  • Beta Testing – move the system into your environment for authentic user testing
  • Deployment – convert your data and roll the system into production

Project Management Framework

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