FileMaker DevCon

FileMaker Developer Conference 2013At the 2013 FileMaker Developer Conference in San Diego on August 12-15 I presented two sessions that were geared toward managing custom software development projects. Each session had a corresponding white paper that you can download below the session descriptions.

Project Management Techniques – Building Solid Client Relationships

Wednesday, August 14 @ 10:45 am

When managing FileMaker development projects of any size, project managers and developers often find themselves competing with clients instead of partnering with them. Rather than battling clients over budgets, timelines, and features, finding ways to join forces to defeat common enemies will align all team members onto the same path, and heading in the same direction. We will discuss several project management techniques that you can use to make sure both sides of a project team (the creators and the consumers) share common goals and work together to defeat the common enemies of healthy projects and develop long lasting relationships between developers and clients.

What You Will Learn

  • How to establish a culture of collaboration from the outset of a project
  • Techniques to maintain a collaborative culture throughout the project
  • Real-world stories of projects that were saved by collaboration
  • Billing options that lead to shared incentives for both developers and clients

Download the white paper: “Finding Common Enemies”

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Best Practices for Software Development: The Agile Development Process

Thursday, August 15 @ 2:00 pm

The Agile development methodology can help you successfully manage FileMaker projects. Agile provides a framework for projects that help to clearly define the scope, deal with changes in requirements, and build strong, long-lasting relationships with customers. We will discuss an overview of how Agile can work in a FileMaker environment, and then ways to apply the methodology in different development situations. If you’re already using some Agile techniques, this session will affirm those practices and connect them to other components of the methodology. I will share real-world stories from over seven years experience using Agile to manage FileMaker projects of all shapes and sizes.

What You Will Learn

  • The basic components of the Agile approach to development
  • How Agile can work in a FileMaker development environment
  • When Agile isn’t the best fit for a project
  • Real-world stories of Agile in action

Download the white paper: “An Agile Case Study”

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